Leather Care

Card holders that are made from exotic skins are exclusive, yet very dependable. Whether it’s crocodile, python or ostrich, an exotic skin card holder from Nimesto will be one that can be used for a long time if properly taken care of.

How to care for Python skin?

Maintaining python skin is important to extend the length of it’s life. It is best to keep your card holder in a dry area. The python skin must not be exposed to heat and any prolonged exposure will cause damage. We recommend keeping the card holder in the dust bag when it is not being used.

Python skin is strong and is made to last but it is necessary to clean it. If it becomes too dry then it becomes less flexible, less durable and the appearance may change. It is possible that some items will become darker, scales will begin to flake and even crack. We recommend cleaning the python skin with a slightly damp cloth and always cleaning in the direction of the scales. Once clean, then condition to replace moisture.

If you apply any product against the natural grain of the scales, it can cause flaking and peeling. Python is known to have larger scales that naturally lift slightly, which shouldn’t be mistaken for dryness or peeling.

Any python skin that has been exposed to prolonged dryness or heat, can be difficult to refurbish and may have to be taken to a professional.